Obsurvive Is the Complete Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Package Simplified for Any Team of Any Size

Easily make informed decisions on where to focus your efforts so you can run the most effective version of your business, every single day.

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What you will get with Obsurvive

Preconfigured SLOs, alerts and integration setups that are as easy as 1, 2, launch

Navigate our platform like a pro without the need for tutorials

A comprehensive and holistic approach with minimal restrictions — upgrade probe volume and frequency at any time

Get more for your money with a pricing structure that’s cheaper than the rest

Easily scale from one tier to another

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    Say goodbye to complex alert configuration

    Choose pre-configured objectives or customize them yourself by setting simple probers to your API’s and sites and monitor results on a ready-to-use dashboard.

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    Single packages, multiple uses

    Synthetic monitoring, incident/postmortem reports, APM and Statuspage solutions designed in a single package for swift results

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    Experience flawless error detection

    Become immediately alerted of endpoint failings and SLO/ error budget breaches via integrations of your choice, such as email, Slack, Pagerduty, Campfire, and more.

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    Manage incidents like a pro

    Gain industry-standard incident reports that allow you to make better-informed decisions that improve performance and enhance reliability for your clients.

Dive into the details

With our integrated APM solution, Obsurvive enriches your alerts so that you always know where problems are occuring.

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    Our simple solution is the answer you’ve been waiting for. We’ve done the work for you so that you don’t need to worry about lengthy integrations. Our developer-friendly system works with multiple coding languages, with support for Node.js, Python, Ruby, Golang, and many more to come.

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    Our revolutionary tools regularly check your API endpoints, customized objectives, SLO/error budgets, and site activity and report any failings immediately. We offer expert solutions that keep you informed when issues arise and also provide input on where to look to fix them quickly so you never have to worry about your client’s experience.

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    Reliability has never been so straightforward. Our platform is designed to work for you, not make you work for it. We’ve created a full DevOps experience to streamline your operations.

    • Our easy-to-use solution means you don’t need to waste valuable time building and optimizing an effective incident management solution. Instead, you get best-practice analytics and reports that have been carefully crafted so that you can easily deduce where to focus your efforts.
    • You’ll get public and private incident and postmortem reports and custom status pages to ensure that every incident is documented and well-understood to reduce recurrence and ensure your business operations run as smoothly as possible.
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    Our polished user-friendly dashboards display metrics in an easy to use panel so that you can explore and analyze all of your data in one place. Keep an eye on uptime, downtime, paused monitors, SLO error budgets, number of deploys, list of probes created, synthetic test success and failures, and so much more. With our elegant graphs, data, and insights tools, you’ll be informed on every part of your online apps and products so that you can easily work on improving user experience, acquisition, and retention.

Find a solution that fits

You have enough to worry about with running your business, so let us worry about keeping it reliable

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    $39/month Real time tracking
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    $129/month Organize and assign tasks
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    $199/month Commit and deploy tracking
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    $399/month Real-time analytics